Site Background

The original website went live in 2007 and was active until 2014. While I never met the site owner, I do know his name was Don. I actually had the site bookmarked and visited to read the content from time to time.

Don had posted some great deer hunting stories, and I enjoyed reading his content (when I had time). Then, at some point in 2014, the site went offline for unknown reasons.

Here’s a screenshot of how the original site looked

I was recently going through some of my old deer hunting website bookmarks and happened to notice that the site was still offline, and the domain was available to purchase.

Given my interest in deer hunting, coupled with my not too far away retirement (assuming all goes well) and my experience in the hunting industry, I thought owning a deer hunting blog would give me something to do and maybe generate a little income.

So, I purchased the domain and am in the process of writing content about various deer hunting topics.

To be transparent, some of the posts on the site will contain links to products, services, or hunts that may generate some revenue. Any money earned will be used to pay for the operational costs of the site and allow me to purchase more hunting gear and gadgets for testing and reviews.

If you happen to be a regular reader of Don’s original content and know how to reach him, please get in touch with me, as I’d love to reach out to him.

I’ll do my best to return the site to its original glory (with my own viewpoints and opinions, of course) and hope you find the content interesting or helpful.