Can Deer See Hunter Orange? Unveiling the Mystery

Father and Son Deer Hunters Wearing Orange Vests

While working in the hunting industry, I have heard many arguments for and against wearing hunter orange while out in the field. Some deer hunters swear by it, while others are convinced it makes them more visible to whitetails. The most common questions about this topic are tied to this concept: Can deer see hunter … Read more

How Far Away Can a Buck Smell Doe Urine?

Buck Licking a Branch

I have to admit that I have always been fascinated by the incredible sensory abilities of deer, particularly when it comes to their sense of smell. I suspect that many hunters really underestimate the power of a deer’s olfactory platform. Through my day job, I have many conversations about deer scents and attractants. One commonly … Read more

Can Deer Smell Coffee?

Group of Does in the Edge of a Field

Through my employment position, I get to talk to deer hunters frequently and discuss all sorts of interesting topics. One topic that has come up several times is the question asking can deer smell coffee? I’m a diehard coffee drinker and am one of those deer hunters that carry a thermos of coffee into the … Read more