About Me

I was born and raised in rural North Carolina and lucky enough to have been born into a family that loved the outdoors. My dad liked to small game hunt but always said he didn’t have the patience to hunt deer and turkey. I started tagging along with him into the woods when I was 7 or 8 and was shooting doves and squirrels by my 10th birthday.

Luckily, my dad was from a large family, so I was blessed with several uncles who were also avid hunters, including a few who were avid deer hunters. In part, I probably owe two of my uncles a great debt for introducing me to deer hunting and making my first few deer hunts pleasant experiences.

My 10 pointer
One of my better 10 point bucks

For my 13th Christmas, I was gifted a Marlin 336 (which I still have today and is actually in some pictures on this site), which I used two days after Christmas to harvest my first deer. Even though it was only a small doe, I was hooked.

Now, I do still hunt other species, but Whitetail deer are my favorite. I still hunt on the opening day of dove season, squirrel hunt a few times a year, and turkey hunt in the spring. However, my real hunting passion is hunting deer.

In high school, I took a job at a local feed store that was part feed store, part gun store, part hunting store, and part convenience store (I lived way out in the country). Although I started working in the feed store side, the owner eventually let me transition over to working in the gun/hunting part of the store.

My Nice 8
A nice symmetrical 8 I took several years ago

During college, I continued working in the gun industry by working part-time at a local family-owned gun store. I enjoyed working in the gun and hunting stuff so much that after college, I found a full-time way to do that kind of work.

Fast forward 30 years, and I’m still actively working in the hunting and firearms industry. I prefer not to share exactly where I work as that particular company isn’t a fan of side hustles or 2nd jobs, and I need a few more years until I can retire to hunt full-time ????.

That being said, in addition to my own personal hunting experiences, my job has allowed me quite a bit of formal training in areas like:

  • Tree stands, and tree stand safety.
  • Deer feeders and food plots
  • QDMA management
My tall 8 with a broken tine
Here’s a tall 7 pointer with a broken tine

In addition, I’ve also managed a few deer hunting leases and some supplemental feeding programs.

Hopefully, you’ll find the information presented here helpful in some way.